Episode 19 - Quake Matthews

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Thursday, July 6, 2017
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Host Dana Beeler chats with Quake Matthews about their upcoming album (OUT JULY 7th) Celebrate The Struggle. We also feature a track from brand new jazz group Blue Spirits and new music from halifax super group Not You!

Back Home: A Music Nova Scotia podcast brought to you in part by Factor, the government of Canada and the province of Nova Scotia. Host Dana Beeler chats with Quake Matthews about their upcoming album (OUT JULY 7th) Celebrate The Struggle. We also feature a track from brand new jazz group Blue Spirits and new music from halifax super group Not You! 

If you want to submit music you can! Just follow the SUBMIT MUSIC . OR send me an email, dana@musicnovascotia.ca I’m always looking for new or old Nova Scotian music!



July 1st - Party Boots Canada Day at Emera Centre Northside in North Sydney
July 1st - The Town Heroes - Stanfest 

July 6th Eric Stephen Martin Tunes at Noon - Grade Parade Hali
July 6th - Dave Sampson with Classified at Sydney Credit Union Makin' Waves Music Festival
July 7th - Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset, Helen & Lucy, and Pros and Cons play Timber Lounge Halifaxe 
July 7th - Cameron Nickerson at The Anchor pub, 
July 7th - Rawlins Cross - Cavendish Farms - Kitchen Stage 
July 8th - Makayla Lynn Music Cavendish Beach Music Festival
July 8th - The Town Heroes - Propeller's 20th Anniversary Party!
July 8th - The Mike Bochoff Band - Propeller 20th Anniversary Party 
July 8th - The Stanfields - Cavendish Farms - Kitchen Stage 
July 8th - Electric Spoonful play the Pavillion
July 8th Dave Sampson at cavendish beach music festival in PEI
July 8th - Talea & The summer Rabbit play the Timber lounge
July 9th - Rawlins Cross - Pictou Lobster Carnival 
July 9th - The Mike Bochoff Band - Granville Green 
July 12th 31st Annual TD Halifax Jazz Festival, July 12-16, 2017
July. 13th- Keonté Beals Halifax Jazz Festival-Sackville Acadia Hall-3pm
July 13th Evolve Festival 2017 kicks off 
July 13th - Corey Isenor Music at The Syrup Factory w/ Dan Mangan, Good Lovelies, Andrew Sisk
July 14th - Corey Isenor Thunder & Lightning w/ Andrew Sisk
July 14th - Laura Roy is at The Union Street cafe in wolfville ns
July 14 - Rawlins Cross - The Shore Club - Hubbards NS
July 14th - Makayla Lynn Tide Fest East Hants
July 15th - Makayla Lynn Waverley Village Green opening for Sons of Maxwell
July 15th - Party Boots Evolve - Place Yurt, Midnight
July. 15th- Keonte Beals Halifax Jazz Fest-The Black Cultural Centre-
July 15 - Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset @ Freeman's Fairview
July 15 - Rawlins Cross - Jost Vineyards 
July 15 - Like A Motorcycle - Evolve 
July 16th Hello Delaware - Evolve
July. 18th- Keonte Beals at Maritimes Museum of the atlantic
July 19th Blood Beach Science Project. at The Khyber Centre for the Arts
July 20th TWRP & The Brood are at the capitol in fredericton
July 20th CoPilot MusicDayliner & Hello delaware at The Carleton Music Bar & Grill
July 21st Kilmore at Gus' Pub & Grill
July 21st TWPR & the brood at The Seahorse Tavern in halifax 
July 21st - James Bradley Band at Trunk 7 music festival
July 21st No, It's Fine, Teleri at Menz & Mollys
July 21 - The Royal Volts - Trunk 7 Music Festival
July 21st - Makayla Lynn Tunes at Noon Grande Parade Halifax 12pm
July 22nd - Corey Isenor Lahave, NS (Owlwood)
July 22nd - Makayla Lynn Hantsport Music Festival 5pm
July 22 - Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset Hampton NB w/ The GetUP
July 22 - The Stanfields - Trunk 7 Music Festival 
July 22nd Dazor MELONVINE CoPilot Music Menz & Mollyz 
July 26th The Barrowdowns play the marigold theatre in truro
July 28 - Like A Motorcycle - Mud City Meltdown- Moncton 
July 28th - Killmore The Commune
July 28 - The Town Heroes - Tall Ships Festival Halifax Waterfront
July 28 - Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset Tunes @ Noon, HFX Grand Parade Square
July 28th - Corey Isenor Mateus Bistro 
July 29th - Killmore Governor's Pub & Eatery
July 29th - Joel Plaskett & Port Cities on georges island 
July 29th Harmony Bazaar 2017 is happening in lockport ns 
July 30th - Corey Isenor Lunenburg Bandstand & The Grand Banker
July 30th - Bastid's BBQ Halifax 2017


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