Music Nova Scotia Members Paid Performance Opportunity Onboard the Fundy Rose

Artist (Solo and Duos) Submissions Now Open

If you are a solo artist or duo who loves to entertain travellers from all over the world, we’d like to hear from you. We are now seeking musicians for our very popular music program onboard the Fundy Rose, sailing from Digby, NS to Saint John, NB. Ideally, you play a variety of folk, Celtic, Acadian and traditional music. It’s a fantastic opportunity to entertain our passengers with the Bay of Fundy as a beautiful backdrop.

Please submit by May 15th, 2018

To submit please CLICK HERE.

Performance Details:

June 24-September 02,2018

Onboard The Fundy Rose
10:00 AM-5:00 PM, five (5) days a week, sailing out of Digby
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Performance Requirements - Musicians will play two (2) sets per crossing:

Digby to Saint John
Set 1 - 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Set 2 - 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM

Saint John to Digby
Set 1: 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM
Set 2:  3:45 PM – 4:15 PM

Set times are flexible depending on sail conditions and timing.

Compensation details-$7500.00, ($150 per day plus lunch) plus accommodations, per diem and mileage.
Merch can be sold during performances and made available at the onboard gift shop

Casino Nova Scotia Artist in Residence 2018

Submissions for the Casino Nova Scotia Artist in Residence Program are now closed. Good Luck!


Casino Nova Scotia Artist in Residence Program
Rules and Regulations &
Statement of Artist Goals and Career Path Instructions 

1. Program Eligibility

a) Related Parties

Casino Nova Scotia and Music Nova Scotia employees and their immediate family members are ineligible for this program.

b) Residency Requirement

i) Primary artist and/or the majority of the group must have a permanent address in Nova Scotia and must have held primary residence there for 12 months prior to the application deadline.

ii) Primary artist or registered company pays income tax to the Province of Nova Scotia.

iii) Proof of residency may be required and will be verified by Music Nova Scotia.

c) Age Requirement

Applicants must be 19 years of age or older - no exceptions. Applicants must be able to prove their age via official government issued identification.

d) Classification of Artists (Developing Artist Status - Level I or II)

Only artists defined as "Developing" are eligible for the Casino Nova Scotia Artist in Residence Program. All applications to the Artist in Residence program will be evaluated by Music Nova Scotia to determine their eligibility as “Developing”. You ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for the Artist in Residence program if you are considered export-ready within the Music Nova Scotia investment program. The following questions will help to determine your eligibility status:

Have you:

1. Toured significantly outside Nova Scotia? 

2. Secured a professional artist manager? 

3. Secured the services of a professional publicist and/or executed a publicity campaign? 

4. Been represented by a professional booking agent? 

5. Have you ever secured a licensing deal with a record label? 

6. Received significant media exposure outside of Nova Scotia?


You ARE NOT ELIGIBLE​ for the Artist in Residence program if you have received investment from the Music Nova Scotia Investment Program under "Travel Support" or "Marketing Support" components.

2. Application Process and Requirements

Applicants must complete the online application form, which will be made available on the Music Nova Scotia website (www.musicnovascotia.ca) on April 16, 2018. The deadline to apply for the Artist in Residence Program is April 30th, at 5:00 PM.

Along with general contact information, web and social media links, applicants are encouraged to have the following prepared before beginning the application; these elements are mandatory and must accompany your submission:

a) Current biography

b) Current press photo

c) Statement on artists’ goals and career plan. You must​ ​provide an extensive plan outlining the coming year’s goals, plans, and career trajectory. Please use the career plan instructions document/template provided here. Once you have completed the plan, attach the document to the application via the “attachments” tab at the bottom of the application form.

d) Web link(s) to a music-streaming site where a maximum of 3 songs ​are available; the jury will evaluate these songs. Please only link 3 songs - do not provide a link to a player that features more than 3 songs (e.g. a full album).

e) Lyric sheets for the 3 songs you will be submitting.

If you have any questions or require any assistance with your submission, you are strongly advised to contact Serge Samson (serge@musicnovascotia.ca) to ensure your application is complete and fulfils all the requirements.

3. Selection of Successful Casino Nova Scotia Artist in Residence

Applicants to the Casino Nova Scotia Artist in Residence Program will be scored through a peer assessment jury process. The jury will be comprised of local music industry experts and will also include a representative of Casino Nova Scotia. The jury will use the following scoring system to select the successful applicant:

a) Quality of written application that outlines artist goals and career plan (15%)

b) Evaluation of submitted creative content (Lyrics, demo, CD, promo materials (30%)

c) Artist interview (15%)

d) Public online vote (10%)

e) Live performance evaluation (30%)

Performance to be held on June 15, 2018 - applicants must be able to perform on this date.

The top ten (10) scores for the first two (2) components move on to the artist interview evaluation. Five (5) artists from these ten (10) will then be selected to move on to the public online vote and live performance evaluation. These five (5) artists will carry their score from steps 1-4 into the final performance evaluation.

4. Responsibilities of the Casino Nova Scotia Artist in Residence

The successful artist in residence must agree to the following in principle:

a) Participation in public performances as scheduled by Casino Nova Scotia for the length of the project (date, time, location and frequency to be determined through a mutually agreed upon contract agreement between the successful artist and Casino Nova Scotia).

b) Non-exclusive usage of image, likeness and recorded works by Casino Nova Scotia and their partners.

c) Participation in Casino Nova Scotia promotional and advertising campaigns.

d) Participation in Music Nova Scotia showcasing opportunities as determined by Music Nova Scotia with mutual agreement between the successful artist in residence and Music Nova Scotia.

e) Creation of a professional quality demo recording due on completion of the project. (Demo may be used for commercial purposes upon completion of project. The Artist will own the copyright of the sound recording.)

f) Work regularly with the Music Nova Scotia Member Training Manager to chart and execute career path.

g) Meet quarterly with the Member Training Manager to discuss and evaluate reports before quarterly submission deadline.

h) Provide all required project reports and receipts in an accurate and timely fashion.

i) Responsibility of eligible expenses over and above the amount of funding available for the project.

k) Agree to a criminal background check.

5. Eligible Expenses

a) 25% - Living expenses – rent, utilities (includes heat, water, electricity, Internet, main business phone line) and groceries

b) 25% - Travel expenses directly related to project

c) 25% - Recording expenses – studio time, engineer, producer, side player fees

d) 25% - Marketing expenses – posters, ads (online, print, radio), consultants’ fees, website development, publicist

e) 100% of eligible expenses will be funded to a maximum of amount of funding available.

f) The successful artist in residence is responsible for any eligible expenses over and above the amount of funding available. Flexibility in dispensation of eligible expenses is allowed with the approval of Music Nova Scotia. However, no more than 25% of the amount of funding available can be allocated to living expenses.

6. Ineligible Expenses – not an exhaustive list

a) Debt financing including student loan repayment

b) Household bills in arrears

c) Capital costs including the purchase of musical equipment or any tools of the trade

d) Management or agent fees

7. Payments, Reporting, and Cash flow

Payment to successful Casino Nova Scotia Artist in Residence:

a) The artist in residence will receive a 25% advance upon project start date (July


b) Timely and completed quarterly reports submitted to Music Nova Scotia trigger each 25% payment.

c) Reports must include project activity to date and receipts of eligible expenses.

d) Eligible expenses are 100% funded, however any expenses over the amount of funding available are the responsibility of the artist in residence.

Project Reporting Schedule

a) Project Quarter #1 (July): Advance of $5,000.00 (25%)

b) Project Quarter #2 (October): $5,000.00 payment and first project report

c) Project Quarter #3 (January): $5,000.00 payment and second project report

d) Project Quarter #4 (April): 0% payment and third project report

e) Project Completion (July): $5,000.00 payment issued on successful completion and final report.

f) Failure to provide a completed project report after the specified deadline at any time during the project will result in the artist in residence becoming in default of the program.

g) Artist must meet with Member Training Manager before submitting each of their quarterly reports.

8. Failed Projects Contingency

The successful Casino Nova Scotia Artist in Residence will receive a letter of offer and enter into a legally binding funding agreement with Music Nova Scotia. The funding agreement will detail all deliverables and deadlines for reporting and payments. The agreement will also detail terms of payments and procedures as they relate to failed projects. If the artist in residence fails to execute the project deliverables and meet the reporting deadlines at anytime during the project they will become in default of the program.

If the artist in residence becomes in default they will be legally responsible to pay back all monies paid to date and will not receive any future payments. Music Nova Scotia will collect payment from the party in default for reinvestment to the program. Music Nova Scotia will exercise all options for program repayments from those in default but will not be responsible for such payments to Casino Nova Scotia if they are deemed uncollectable.

If a successful artist in residence becomes in default in the first quarter of the program year the runner up from that year will be offered the residency.

9. Statement of Artists’ Goals and Career Path - Applicant Instructions

Your Statement of Artists’ Goals and Career Path document is one of five main criteria that will be assessed by the Artist in Residence jury, and is weighted at 15% of your overall score. The statement should outline your professional goals for the coming year (June 2018/­June 2019) including your strategy for achieving them. Your statement should be no more than 1­2 pages long (single ­spaced, 12 point font), and should address the following questions:

a) Provide detailed background information on yourself or your band/group, including a general history, and any significant recent achievements. Describe your musical style or genre.

b) Provide an overview or summary of your plans and three (3) main goals to be achieved over the coming year with the assistance of the Artist in Residence Program. Include a “critical path” timeline with projected start and/or completion dates for all significant tasks.

c) Do you currently have a demo, E.P., or full-length recording? Has it been released? Do you need a new professional demo/recording? If so, why? How would you use it to advance your career path? Will you distribute/sell the recordings? Will the final project be released physically, digital only, or both?

d) What is your performance plan for the coming year? Do you have any shows already confirmed? What regions/markets/cities and towns will you target? Provide a list of confirmed upcoming shows.

e) What is your marketing plan/strategy for the coming year? Will you be hiring a publicist? Are you considering radio? Give examples of different media outlets that you will target (e.g. newspapers, radio stations, magazines, blogs/websites, etc.). Will you be taking out advertising on radio, print, or online? Do you have any plans to make homemade/indie videos (for YouTube/Vimeo, etc.) or create audio-visual content for your release? What is your online and social media strategy? Are you targeting playlist editors/curators on streaming services? Has your music been added to streaming service playlists? If so, what playlists and what services?

f) Please provide an itemized budget outlining the costs of the coming year’s projects and goals. You may include a table, or an excel/spreadsheet file.

g) Once completed, upload your Statement of Artists’ Goals and Career Path to your web form application as a PDF file by clicking the “Choose File” button under the heading “Attachments” at the bottom of the online application web form.


Music Nova Scotia Job Opportunity: Events and Marketing Manager

Location: Music Nova Scotia
 2169 Gottingen Street
 Halifax, Nova Scotia
 B3K 3B5

Supervisor: Executive Director

Hours: 37.5 per week; occasional weekend/evening work in response to special events

Salary: To commensurate with experience

Benefits: A medical plan is available for all full-time employees of Music Nova Scotia; The Events and Marketing Manager is entitled to this plan on a cost share basis, 50% paid for by the employee and 50% paid for by Music Nova Scotia.

Vacation: 3 weeks and statutory holidays

Job Summary

Working under the direct supervision of the Executive Director, the Events and Marketing Manager is responsible for the production and marketing of all Music Nova Scotia special events and signature properties including Nova Scotia Music Week. The Events and Marketing Manager is responsible for the overall management and marketing of this signature event.

International music industry conference experience is also considered an asset. The Events and Marketing Manager will work directly with the Executive Director in supporting exporting initiatives for Music Nova Scotia members.

Self-motivation and independence balanced with a team orientated approach with a commitment to the values and policies of Music Nova Scotia must be demonstrated.

Some travel is required.

• Provide logistical and creative support for Music Nova Scotia special events and signature properties (NSMW)
• Coordination of juries for Music Nova Scotia member showcasing opportunities
• Budget planning for Music Nova Scotia special events and signature properties
• Contract negotiations with artists and vendors
• Special event and signature properties technical production coordination
• Special event and signature properties marketing and partnership fulfillment
• Design of Requests for Proposals for various 3rd party services required for special event and signature properties production
• Assisting the Executive Director with the preparation of funding applications and final reports for special events and signature properties
• Assisting the Executive Director with development of exporting opportunities for Music Nova Scotia members
• Preparation of reports for the Executive Director upon request
• Any other duties within the scope of the organization to be agreed upon in consultation with the Executive Director Required Skills/Qualifications

Required Skills/Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Public Relations a preferred asset
• Excellent working knowledge of Google Docs, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and various project planning software
• Excellent working knowledge of Mac OS
• Knowledge of local, regional, national, and international music industry
• Managing events in a fast paced environment
• Experience in artistic and technical production
• Knowledge of government and corporate funding relationships
• Understanding of exporting cultural products from Nova Scotia
• Budget planning and management
• Excellent communications, time management, and organizational skills
• Knowledge in the development and execution of event marketing plans
• Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, content management platforms and email marketing tools
• Knowledge of multiple social media channels and social media strategies
involving Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat
• Knowledge and experience in the tenants of traditional marketing (print and
• Experience writing press releases
• Must have the ability to work creatively with limited resources

How to Apply
To apply please click the following link:

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 no later than 5:00 PM
Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Music Nova Scotia Employment Equity

Music Nova Scotia will proactively engage measures to eliminate discrimination and to reverse the historic under-representation within its workforce of:

  • Indigenous peoples (especially Mi’kmaq)
  • Members of racialized minority groups (especially historic African Nova Scotians)
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Women 
  • Persons belonging to sexual orientation and/or gender identity (SOGI) minority groups 

Music Nova Scotia Equal Opportunity Employer

Except in the context of equity in employment, there shall be no discrimination in employment at Music Nova Scotia on any ground prohibited by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act.

Music Nova Scotia is committed to providing employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. All employment decisions at Music Nova Scotia are based on business needs, job requirements and individual qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion or belief, national, social or ethnic origin, age, physical disability, HIV Status, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, marital, civil union or domestic partnership status, family or parental status. Music Nova Scotia will not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on any of these characteristics. Music Nova Scotia encourages applicants of all ages.

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