Phil Schappert

Phil Schappert is a fingerstyle guitarist and composer. His new solo guitar recording of original contemporary acoustic compositions, One Size Does Not Fit All, has just been released. He also plays guitar and bouzar with world/celtic music trio, Papilio, who have just released their second CD, Sociable Butterflies. He holds a PhD (with Distinction) in Biology from York University; has written a number of scientific papers and articles, a newspaper column, a couple of books on plant-insect interactions and many “popular science” articles; is an accomplished nature photographer specializing in macro photography of insects; and does graphic design in his spare time. You can call him Dr. Phil but he also answers to “Hey! You!” He enjoys listening to many kinds of music, especially classic symphonic rock, but also enjoys listening and playing the traditional musics of Celtic & Nordic countries, particularly Brittany, celtic Spain and Sweden, as well as a lot of traditional and contemporary acoustic music. He plays guitars made by Irish luthier George Lowden, Nova Scotian luthier Russel Crosby (who also made Phil’s bouzar), and Canadian luthier Jean Larrivee along with those of a number of other luthiers.