Peelings // Moop // Backyard Action Heroes // Otis Wack! at Gus' Pub

Thursday January 23 @ Gus' Pub

A night of live Rock N Roll music, drinking, and dancing.

Gus' Pub Jan 23 2020

Doors @ 8:30 PM $8

> Peelings <

Peelings is screaming electric guitars, pounding drums, and melodic bass lines that all add up to a rockin' good time.

> Moop <

Moop is a 3 piece rock group formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Bringing a high energy performance, overdriven guitars, driving drum beats and catchy melodies that will stick in your head for days, Moop will be certain to entertain you at their shows.

> Backyard Action Heroes <

Not all heroes wear capes, some of them barely wear pants. These heroes wear... whatever was clean enough to be socially acceptable.

The Backyard Action Heroes

They're here to SAVE the party!! **

** WARNING: Not all parties can be saved and The Backyard Action Heroes cannot be held legally liable for shitty parties. Please choose your party responsibly.

Side effects may include rocking the f*** out poor judgement, jackass style stunts, and generally just being bad actor's

> Otis Wack! <

Born amongst the rolling hills off Brooklyn, from the brilliant delicate cliffs of gypsum, a drifter, a cowboy, a back to break, arms to hold, and a heart full of song. Otis Wack! and the Portable Perm Chair Party Band are prepared for the task at hand. Are you?