Maureen Batt CD Release Bedford

Tuesday July 11 @ Board Room Game Cafe - Bedford

Lady of the Lake has officially dropped and we want to party! 

Come to the Board Room Game Cafe on the Bedford Highway on Tuesday, July 11 at 6PM. You'll have a chance to greet the artists on the album, we'll sing you a few ditties, then we can play some games!

Maureen Batt, soprano
Jon-Paul Decosse, bass-baritone
Simon Docking, piano
Fiona Ryan, composer 

The official parts of the event will be between 6:00-7:00pm. Then games and hanging. 

$5 admission to the cafe
Buy a $20 CD and admission price is waived

More info about the Board Room Game Cafe:

For a full list of launch events, visit Maureen Batt, soprano on Facebook.