Witchitaw is a touring, southern country rock band from Nova Scotia, Canada. They have two Nashville recorded CD’s under their belt. Their latest CD, “Tearin’ It Up,” was released in August 2013.

Witchitaw’s members are no strangers to writing, recording and performing their music around the world. Brothers Jason and Jamie Spinney, along with Bassist Terry Salsman, toured Canada, the U.S.A., and even Australia in 2004 with the Canadian show-band Country Generations. However, as those successful tours came to a close the idea of the group Witchitaw was born. Witchitaw began performing high profile gigs as early as 2007. Lead Guitarist & Keyboardist Dohn Kendall joined the group in 2010 to complete Witchitaw’s current roster of musicians.

Witchitaw released their first CD, Walk Like A King, in 2009. The CD was recorded in Nashville at Hilltop Studios. The 10 song CD featured 6 songs written by the group, 3 songs written by Nashville writers and the classic cover song, “Ghost Riders In The Sky” - performed Witchitaw style!

Due to the success of their debut CD, Witchitaw returned to Hilltop Studios in Nashville to record a follow up CD "Tearin' It Up" in March 2013. The new CD features songs written by Witchitaw along with songs written by top Nashville writers such as Lance Miller. (Miller may be best known for writing the smash hit “Beer With Jesus”). The new material is a collaborative effort that Witchitaw is very proud of as the CD has a rockin’ live Witchitaw feel but also includes a number of powerful story songs. The CD was officially released in the summer of 2013.

Witchitaw has performed many stages, including showcase performances at the ECMAs, Nova Scotia Music Week, and an MDM Recordings showcase at the CCMAs. In 2015, the band performed all three days at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival, and will return to perform again in 2016.

There is an edge to Witchitaw's music that is current yet their sound is unique. Witchitaw manages to blend southern rock with new country and even a touch of the blues. Their live show comes out of the gate at a hundred miles an hour and maintains an unparalleled energy through to the final note. Witchitaw live is not just a concert – it is a musical event!