Spearheaded by Bethany Fulde (This Ship, Minus World), ‘shadow’ is a jungle of deep-rooted experiences untangling through twisted paths of catchy pop tunes.

Their double EP (the dark // the dawn) is a journey of melodies & radiohead-inspired rhythms. It explores love, protest & heartache through a colourful landscape of lyrics and vocal stylings.

The album was recorded over a two year period with both Charles Austin at Echo Chamber Studios & Kyle Varley at Frameworks Productions. The depth of the music was then further brought to life when it was Mixed & Mastered by Graeme Campbell.

Performance highlights for shadow include collaborating with the Halifax Music Co-Op Chamber Orchestra, hosting an outdoor live video with Atlantic Live Stream, and playing alongside Hali-greats such as The Brood & The Barrowdowns. Featuring a slew of Award-Winning, East Coast musicians, shadow has become an exploration of indie songwriting.