Basic information about Music Nova Scotia.


Q. Do I have to be a member to access the resources at musicnovascotia.ca?
A. Yes.  We reserve our vast amount of educational information for members only.  Visit our join music nova scotia page now to see what we can offer your career.

Q. I am a new artist, can Music Nova Scotia help me?
A. Music Nova Scotia can assist you in your career but it is ultimately up to you to take responsibility for your own business and use our resources for your benefit.  Check the Membership Services page for more.

Music Sector Strategy

The Nova Scotia Music Sector Strategy 2007 presents a compelling rationale for provincial investment and proposes a realistic framework to do so. It reviews the six core activities in the music sector, assesses and updates the current level of development in the Province in each activity, and then presents new proposals for growth and support.

MNS By-Laws

To download a copy of the MNS By-laws in .pdf format please click here.

Board of Directors


Brian Doherty - President brian@evansanddoherty.com

Marc Perry - First Vice-President Marc.perry@eastlink.ca



Music Nova Scotia is a non-profit organization that has worked since 1989 with a mandate to encourage the creation, development, growth and promotion of Nova Scotia’s music industry. Music Nova Scotia exists to grow and nurture the Nova Scotia music industry, to retain our own natural resource and promote investment, by:

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